Localization & Financial

The KDE Localization server is the platform for KDE translators, writers, XML wizards, and everybody involved with the i18n and l10n of KDE. Here, you can find resources for translation and documentation work, such as:


Keyboard Layout

By this option plasma users are able to change their favorite keyboard layouts in any type of language according to following picture.


This option is accessible by Programs Menu > Settings > System Settings > Input Devices > Keyboard settings > Layouts > Add




Language Setting

If anytime you decided to change the entire workspace language then you just need to check the following address:


Programs Menu > Settings > System Settings > Local > Country / Region & Language > Languages


If you couldn't find your favorite language in the list the you may need to install the necessary language files from package manager or simply Apper by Programs Menu > System > Apper (Software Management)




GnuCash Accounting

Application Main Features


Small Business Accounting Features




Electrum Wallet