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  • lang/perl5.28 - 5.28.3

    Update to 5.28.3.

    MFH: 2020Q2 (security blanket)
    Security: CVE-2020-10543 CVE-2020-10878 CVE-2020-12723
  • lang/perl5.30 - 5.30.3

    Update to 5.30.3.

    MFH: 2020Q2 (security blanket)
    Security: CVE-2020-10543 CVE-2020-10878 CVE-2020-12723
  • multimedia/mkvtoolnix - 47.0.0

    Update to upstream version 47.0.0

    - Upstream news see
    - Many enhancements in the UI
    - Fix for a logging crash
    - New non-default OPTION DVDREAD to support reading chapters from DVD

    MFH: 2020Q2 (hat: ports-secteam)
  • devel/cpputest - 4.0

    devel/cpputest: Update to 4.0

    From ChangeLog:

    New functionality:

    * Added MemoryAccountant
    * Added SimpleStringCache that also removed the memory leak caused by longjmp
    in C
    * Thread-safe memory leak detector overloads
    * New command-line options:
    * -h help option
    * -s shuffle (random) option
    * -t run a specific test option
    * -vv extra verbose option
    * -k add a package name to junit output
    * Added new asserts: CHECK_COMPARE, and improved C macros
    * Support for newer compilers and address sanitizer

    Small improvements:

    * Fixed problems with gdb
    * More 16-bit support
    * Added Makefile for making the examples with an installed CppUTest
    * Small mock improvements
    * Removed more compiler warnings
    * Support for C++14, C++17, and C++2x (added to automated build)

    Improved maintainability:

    * Docker builds
    * Vastly improved the automated build with more platforms and variants
    * Continuously releasing the passing build
    * MS-DOS support (added to automated build)

    PR: 246907
    Submitted by: (maintainer)
  • mail/exim - 4.94

    mail/exim: update to 4.94 release

    while here, convert POST-INSTALL-NOTES* to ucl

    PR: 246922
    Submitted by: pi
    MFH: 2020Q2
  • science/lammps - 2020.06.2

    science/lammps: Update 5May2020 -> 2Jun2020

    Reported by: GitHub notification
  • emulators/rpcs3 -

    emulators/rpcs3: update to

  • graphics/mesa-devel - 20.1.b.1363_1

    graphics/mesa-devel: enable futex in more places
  • graphics/mesa-devel - 20.1.b.1363

    graphics/mesa-devel: update to 20.1.b.1363

  • graphics/mesa-devel - 20.1.b.1310

    graphics/mesa-devel: allow users to disable drivers

    - DragonFly cannot use anv without futex (Linux, OpenBSD) or _umtx_op (FreeBSD)
    - DragonFly doesn't install libelf from ELF Tool Chain
    - powerpc64 cannot use LIBUNWIND as it yet to be ported
    - powerpc64 on FreeBSD < 13 cannot use -fuse-ld=lld
    - anv, i965, iris only support Intel GPUs on x86
    - anv, i965, iris work fine without LLVM support

    PR: 246913
Copyright 2000-2020 Dan Langille | Date published: Tue, 02 Jun 2020 08:44:14 +0000
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