Certification Options

PCLITEOS using GnuPG as an official key management for its registration system independently, we have KGpg (Encryption Tool) and Klepaotra (Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI) installed as default in PCLITEOS and the structure of the registration system is as follow:


Product Registration ID:

  • For every genuine user we generate a new product registration id file based on identification number or customer receipt number.
  • Registration system is usually useful to check for the original product.


Verification Certificate:

  • The generated files will be going to have a reference number by getting encrypted with Kleopatra which uses GPG encryption tool as default, by this way we are gonna have a certificate file with .sig as a digital signature.
  • Our customers can verify their own registration doc by our official key that is already included in both encryption tools by PCLITEOS.


Online Registration:

  • We suggest all our users to register their product at PCLITE official webpage immediately after purchase.
  • Online registration works with the real email address to verify the genuine customer.