Introduction to PCLITEOS

PCLITEOS is a hardened Unix-like operating system based on BSD and Linux kernel for desktop and workstation that is designed registered and supported by PCLITE LTD Software & Hardware Systems(England and Wales) There are Professional and Enterprise editions both present KDE plasma and Qt applications for different types of work PCLITEOS is configured with LVM and OpenZFS as defaults.


The Project History:

The project was originally planned in 2014 with purpose of security and portability and performance in computing by PCLITE software & hardware systems for wide commonly used computers with x64 processor which is officially started in 2015 and developed by Mahdi Montazeri CEO & Founder of PCLITE. Initially, a beta version of the professional edition was released, and after months enterprise edition was released, the prototype, as well as the professional version, was developed as a beta, then both products were internationally registered and expanded.


System administration of programs:

PCLITEOS uses two apt and pkg systems to install, clean, repair and manage existing applications and library files. Currently, a wide range of pre-compiled or ready-to-compile ports are available through a graphical and graphical environment.


PCLITEOS difference with other operating systems:

In today's virtual and modern world, the speed of information transfer and energy conservation are also important at the same time, while reducing costs, such as backing up a large amount of information in the shortest possible time, while maintaining data security. Modern computer systems today are impressive compared to PCLITEOS in providing security and protection to users, and this makes the platform an incredibly different platform among other platforms. Other key features are the openness of all the applications in the operating system, which will increase the user's security and confidence in the resulting platform, thereby allowing customers to know the content of their systems to find issues and Problems directly addressed to prevent and resolve them. Another of these differences is the lack of virus and virus exploitation, which in itself prevents data and information being stolen from users, resulting in a sudden crash of the system meaninglessly and practically impossible. The so-called hanging or freezing issue is common in windows operating system).