Annual Tech Magazine


PCLITE magazines are available as both hard copy and digital which can be ordered or downloaded, the current volumes are released as follows:


Volume One - 2018/01 Purchase Hard Copy

  • Free Software Foundation
  • What is GNU/Linux?
  • What is Debian GNU/Linux?
  • Why KDE plasma?
  • Introduction to FreeBSD?
  • Content Management System
  • Network Analyst Program
  • Enterprise Backup Solution


Volume Two - 2019/01 Purchase Hard Copy

  • Open Source Initiative
  • What is NetBSD project?
  • Why Xfce Desktop Environment?
  • Haiku - Open Source BeOS
  • Introduction to LibreOffice
  • About the Eclipse Foundation
  • The free FTP solution


Volume Three - 2020/01 Purchase Hard Copy

  • Network Attached Storage
  • App Development Framework
  • 3D Creation Suite
  • Vector Graphics Software
  • Easy Video Editor
  • Sound Generation System
  • Multi-track Audio Editor
  • Lightweight Email Client
  • Free Accounting Software
  • Voice Chat Application
  • Content Management System


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