Official Services

Portal: (The official community portal)

A place where people are able to get the latest news, discuss about specific topics and join the community to collaborate about the project and production.


Store: (The official software and hardware store)

In our online store the customers can purchase and provide high quality of software and hardware systems which is released by us and the community.


Development: (Research and financial center)

This section is restricted to some staffs, developers, professionals and customers to give the high level of stability, performance and reliability to the organization.


Register: (Membership and subscription)

Specially made for those who are the fan that are interested to join the system for taking advantages of the community and support the project.


Contact: (Information, Feedback and suggestions)

Any important information, submissions, feedback and suggestions about the products and open-source things are welcome by the contact address.


Support: (Live chat service)

Online chat support system for answering to customers questions.


Magazine: (Annual publication)

International magazine about information security, open-source software and computer networks.