Programs & Applications

  • Support most popular media formats with the latest hardware drivers.


  • Office complete productivity suite.


  • Customized for online gaming with the collection of most popular video games.


  • Plugins for running java, flash, silverlight and etc.


  • Development package such programming IDE and toolkits.


  • Scientific and educational applications for any type of research.


  • Graphics and multimedia creativity suites.


  • Full internet assistant package to browse, download, contact and etc.


  • A bunch of most useful utilities for any type of work or job.


  • Complete & advanced system settings for controlling entire OS.



*PCLITEOS is approximately contain 40GB of pre-compiled programs.


*Journaling file system: a journaling file system is a file system that maintains a special file called a journal that is used to repair any inconsistencies that occur as the result of an improper shutdown of a computer. Such shutdowns are usually due to an interruption of the power supply or to a software problem that cannot be resolved without a rebooting.