A Look at Singapore’s SingPass Biometric System

 administrator    23 Oct 2018 : 04:30
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“SingPass Mobile is another step towards our vision for citizens to access government and private sector digital services securely with a single, trusted National Digital Identity,” added Kok Ping Soon.

Biometric security has become a mainstream security authentication method since it became part of every day used to secure smartphones many years ago. In Singapore, the government of the city-state itself has initiated a big reform when it comes to dealing with e-services. SingPass, the all-in-one system of centrally using biometric data such as face scanning and fingerprints to log in to government e-services portal.

Officially released as SingPass Mobile, the system enables Singaporeans and foreign permanent residence to deal with government systems without using the vulnerable username and password. “The new SingPass Mobile app will offer a more convenient log-in option, as users no longer need to enter their passwords to log in,” explained the CEO of GovTech, Kok Ping Soon, the project’s developer.

With the new biometric system by dealing with government systems and transactions, users will be less vulnerable to phishing attacks which deal with stealing usernames and passwords. Prior to the implementation of the biometric system, GovTech Singapore receives an average of 150,000 password requests per month. The company is hoping that the need for such will be lesser with the SingPass mobile app, which will help the company to reduce support cost as well...more via Hacker Combat

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